Use the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ for All Types of Fishing

The deeper smart sonar pro is an ideal smart sonar fishing device for all anglers. Thank to the internal wifi, it transmits greatly detailed images and includes a large running range. The device takes the series of smart sonar fishing up to a higher level. The inbuilt wifi connection supports the great information transmission power. And it’s a necessary fishing device since the higher display resolution and frequency collects a huge of data.

The inbuilt wifi connection significantly boosts the device range of 330ft while the modern sonar technology offers the max scanning depth of 260ft. It’s special that you can access the wifi connection in any fishing locations and conditions. Those useful features are the reason serious anglers like using the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ for the best game. The main qualities are the rock solid connectivity, the clear data, and the wider casting range. If you are seasoned enthusiasts and competitive fishermen, this design is the ideal option.

The main functions

1. The advantage of wifi connection

After connecting with your Smartphone, the device will use the wifi connection to transfer accurate data coming from sonar to your display. This link secures the prolonged range between the device user and the deeper unit up to 330 ft.

2. The wireless castable sonar

It’s easy to use and deploy. The model is portable and ultra-light proper for casting and using the standard lines. It has the same weight and size as the models using Bluetooth forerunner. However, the features are extended and available even when fishing onshore. You can get exact echo sounder data which you only can access from the control panel of top fishing boats previously.

3. The Hi-Res bottom structure

The device is attached with the higher scanning resolution separating objects in a range up to 0.4 ft. It also helps you catch smaller units under water so you view clearly and find exactly the locations of your target fish.

4. The track extreme depth

The device floats over water and scans the surface below up to 260 ft in depth which enables you to track relief disparities and realize the most productive fishing areas.

5. The free offline map

When turning on the boat mode, the app links the underwater data with the Smartphone GPS data and produces real-time maps of the depth measurements which are showed directly on the Smartphone display. You can download all maps for free when using the deeper app.

The deeper device with all fishing types

1. Shore fishing

The deeper device is the most useful addition to the fishing gear when you prepare for shore fishing. Simply attach it to the fishing line, throw it into the water and pull it towards at a steady and slow speed. The sonar starts scanning objects under the water. Whatever they are, rocks, small humps, sheer downward slope, drowned timber, or any other structure, your tablet or Smartphone will show exact data from the sonar.

Even while fishing onshore; it’s available to access accurate sonar data that is previously possible only on the control panel of expensive fishing boats.

2. Kayak fishing

The small size and high capacity echo sounder of the deeper unit is suitable for amazing kayak fishing. Fasten the device outside the kayak by using the versatile flexible arm mount. Then you can gain more space for paddling and fishing.

3. Boat fishing

Turn the tablet or Smartphone into the sonar setting and carry it anywhere the boat. Portable and compact units are perfect options for boat fishing. Fasten the deeper device to your boat by using a versatile flexible arm mount. Then you can explore the water world and target fish like a pro.

4. Ice fishing

Show a typical ice fishing flasher display to monitor situations under the ice. The amplitude scope setting enables the deeper device to track the action of the smallest lure or fishing bait in real time. The split screen feature transmits the regular mode and ice fishing flasher setting on a screen. Use the zoom function to enlarge the area and focus on your target objects on the vertical flasher for greater fish tracking and real-time lure.

The Deeper smart sonar pro+ is the top advanced design in the fishing series available in the market today. You can use it with very helpful features in all types of fishing. Catch better targets and enjoy the great fishing trip in the next season!


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