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Keeping Track of Voyager Credit Cards

Each U.S. Postal Service-claimed vehicle is relegated a Voyager charge card, which administrators use to pay for fuel, oil, and routine vehicle upkeep. With more than 227,000 vehicles, that is a considerable measure of plastic to oversee.

U.S. Bank deals with the Voyager Fleet Systems charge card program for USPS and screens exchanges for potential extortion. Every month, USPS site directors are in charge of accommodating the Voyager card exchanges distinguished as high-hazard, for example, buys that surpass a fuel spending limit.

With such huge numbers of cards available for use, potential for abuse or manhandle is a worry. Our review groups routinely evaluate the

San Diego post office program in every USPS working region. Our latest review of the program concentrated on the Great Lakes Area, which has 1,411 destinations with 32,808 Voyager cards. We chose this region for review in view of those high numbers and the measure of special case exchanges, which are exchanges hailed by U.S. Bank as high-chance since they are outside ordinary parameters, for example, paying for premium fuel or the area and recurrence of exchanges.

The aggregate sum charged to these cards in financial year (FY) 2016 was more than $67 million. We hailed $3.5 million of those exchanges as high hazard, requiring compromise, our report said.

In any case, controls over Voyager armada cards in the Great Lakes Area weren’t generally powerful and site directors didn’t legitimately perform Voyager Fleet card compromises for over portion of the arbitrarily chose high-hazard exchanges we explored. We additionally discovered missing armada cards at just about a fourth of locales chose and issues around Personal Identification Number (PIN) assignments and in addition despicable sharing of PINs. Where fitting, we made referrals to our Office of Investigations.

Offer your thoughts regarding the Voyager program. Have you seen signs of abuse? In what manner can the program be more effective?

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