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I was so happy as my big day was near. I was getting married to Ryan, the only man I ever felt something for. He was the perfect man I ever needed in my life. With him came the happiness I have been looking for.

Being an orphan I craved for true love coming from anyone. My aunt was a loving lady who took care of me in all ways possible. But she had her own kids to look after as well and this neglecting me to an extent made me little reserved.

I met Ryan in my university and he was the one who approached me and started talking to me. Later he told me that he was attracted to me when he saw me sitting in one corner with the books all around me rather enjoying the university life. We became the best of friends we ever had after that.

Discussing about studies and personal life no matter what we had each other to talk about…

When Ryan proposed me I got too overwhelmed and accepted it right away. The reason being he was the most considering person with love for me which was visible in his eyes. I was too happy to hear about his proposal.

I choose City Beach as my ultimate destination for the selection of the clothing and accessories for myself. I got the most stylish dresses for my honeymoon period for which we were going to Hawaii. I got the intimates designed wears only to show him and create mood.

My preps didn’t take much time as I didn’t have to move around in the market wasting my time instead of this I just relaxed back at home and paid attention to how to manage my work and house together.

City Beach has been that one desired destination where I got all the solutions to my problems. Making sure that whatever I wear appeals my husband in all possible ways.